Altar Servers

Boys and girls in grade 3 or older who have made their first communion can become alter servers.  Altar servers assist the priest during the Mass. They wear the alb with cincture, carry the cross and candles and censor (if used), leading the procession and recession.  During the Mass they hold the sacramentary for the celebrating priest, assist with the preparation of the altar for the Eucharist, ring the bells during the Consecration, and help restore the sanctuary at the conclusion of Mass.

Becoming an altar server involves attending a training session with the Priest.  During the training they will be instructed as to the procedures during the Mass.  Once trained, new alter servers are ideally paired with experienced alter servers for their first several masses.  Altar servers select which Mass time they want to serve and may serve as little or as much as they would like.  If you are interested in becoming an altar server please introduce yourself to one of the altar servers or the priest after mass.


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