Eucharistic Ministers Hospital Homebound

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist for Those in the Hospital and the Home-bound

The Parish has two groups that bring the Eucharist to those who cannot attend Mass.  One team brings the Eucharist to patients at MetroWest Medical Center in Framingham, and the other brings it to those in our area who are home-bound.  Visits to the hospital are done in teams of two, with two ministers splitting the various patient floors between them.  Given a list of Catholic patients, they ask if the patient or the patient's family would like to receive the sacrament. If they do not, the minister offers to say a prayer with them. The time spent in the hospital is between one and two hours. Ministers to the home-bound take the sacrament to the person's house, and may also spend some time talking with the parishioner. 

Like the extraordinary ministers who assist at Mass, parishioners can become extraordinary Eucharistic ministers for the sick and home-bound if they have received Confirmation and are practicing Catholics who participate in the sacraments and regularly attend Mass. These ministers are called "extraordinary" because they are "outside: (in Latin: extra-) the ordinary. That is, they are not priests or deacons, who are considered the ordinary Catholic ministers of the Eucharist.

Prior to visiting the hospital or a person's home, volunteers receive formal training with our experienced Eucharistic ministers. As part of the training, volunteers are provided a booklet which provides the context for the role and explains the procedures. This training takes about an hour, or much less if you are already a Eucharistic minister.

One or two assignments per month is the typical time commitment for this ministry.

For hospital extraordinary Eucharistic ministers, contact Trudy Gilarde

For home-bound extraordinary Eucharistic ministers, contact the rectory.