Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

Parishioners can become extraordinary Eucharistic ministers if they have received Confirmation and are practicing Catholics who participate in the sacraments and regularly attend Mass. These ministers are called "extraordinary" because they are "outside: (in Latin: extra-) the ordinary. That is, they are not priests or deacons, who are considered the ordinary Catholic ministers of the Eucharist.

Prior to becoming an extraordinary Eucharistic minister, volunteers receive formal training with our experienced Eucharistic ministers. As part of the training, volunteers are provided a booklet which provides the context for the role and explains the procedures. This training takes about an hour.

Presently Eucharistic ministers serve about two weekends per month. Ministers are requested to keep their assignment or get a replacement so that enough ministers are present at each Mass. It’s quite easy to find replacements as contact information for all ministers is distributed. Volunteers willingly cover for others and/or trade assignments.

Eucharistic ministers also serve as greeters for each Mass for which they are assigned. The warm and friendly reception you receive as you enter the Church is from a Eucharistic minister.
If you would like to volunteer for this rewarding Ministry please contact Christine Tofani who coordinates this Ministry.

Christine Tofani
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