Faith in Action Group

The Faith in Action, FIA,  group meets each Wednewday at 10:00 a.m. to read and reflect on the next Sunday's Gospel and use its message to help us share our faith. This nurtures our faith and inspires us to live our faith in actions. It does this through its often unseen work to the very public food drives for the Ashland Food Pantry, collections of undergarments for homeless people and baby showers for needy mom’s. The FIA group especially needs help during the Food Pantry drives, collecting food bags before every mass.

Maybe you are interested in joining the group on Wed. mornings for reading the gospel, reflection and faith sharing. If action is your style you might like to be on a list to be called upon to work during our food drives. Regardless of your interest we hope you can join us weekly or on occasion. We saved a spot for you.  

Participation varies during the year but there are about 15 people involved at various times.

Contact Sarah Currie
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