Learning With Mary

Learning With Mary Booklet Available

Last year, the St. Cecilia’s Stewardship Committee began a project called “Learning with Mary” to strengthen the long parish tradition of devotion to our Blessed Mother.  The first step was a series of bulletin articles about the Marian themes of the stained-glass windows in the church.  This summer we completed the next step in this journey of rediscovery.  “Devotions To Our Blessed Mother– A Saint Cecilia Parish Tradition” is a complete overview of the many opportunities at St. Cecilia’s to meditate and pray to Our Lady.    

Copies of the booklet are now available at no cost in the church vestibule. An online version is also available. We encourage all parishioners to stop by and take a copy home.  You can use the meditations, not just at home, but in the Church and on the grounds of the Parish.  They all can be said as private prayers, providing an easy way to connect with our Blessed Mother in these times of social distancing.  In these times of distress -  from the virus, racial injustices, and civil unrest -  the intercession of Mary, patroness of the United States is sorely needed.  Please use this little booklet as a cornerstone to strengthen your devotion to our Blessed Mother.