Returning Catholics

Returning To The Church

Many Catholics have left the faith or have fallen away from it practice.  There are many reasons this happens - concerns about teachings, bad experiences, not getting answers a person needed, and misunderstandings - to name just a few.  Many who have left would like to return, or at least find out more.  

St. Cecilia's Parish sincerely welcomes all who wish to return to active spiritual lives within the Church.  Please call the office at (508)881-1107 if you wish to speak in confidence with the pastor or someone on our Faith Formation team about Coming Home.  We will be happy to have you with us. 

A tremendous resource for Catholics exploring the idea of returning to the practice of the faith is an organization called Catholics Come Home. Some its founders were people who left the Church and came back.  Their stories are similar to those of many who are considering returning to the Church.  The Catholics Come Home Website contains many valuable resources and personal witness testimonies about living a committed Christian life in the Church. 

Some Catholics who return to the practice of the faith want a refresher course in the Church.  St. Cecilia's welcomes anyone who would like to update their knowledge of the Church's teachings to attend the classes in our program for adults joining the Church.  Take a look at this description to see if these classes might be right for you.