St. Cecilia Parish Public Masses

Resumption of Masses with Restrictions and New Policies

Public Masses have resumed at St Cecilia's, as part of a phased plan for full participation in the Liturgy. Dispensation from Mass is still in effect, particularly for those who are older or have other vulnerabilities, but parishioners are invited and welcomed to return to the celebration of Mass according to our usual schedule. Social distancing, use of masks, and other precautions are in effect.

What to Expect

When you come to Mass, you can expect the experience to be as safe as possible.  Here are the main points you should know:

  • You must wear a mask while in the Church.  We also ask that after Mass, everyone proceed to their cars without congregating around the doors.
  • Seating is every other pew.  We will not let attendance exceed 40% of capacity.
  • There is no congregational singing.  A cantor will sing from the front, but all books have been removed from the pews, since they cannot be sanitized between uses.  Even if you know the words, please do not sing or just sing softly, since singing spreads breath vapor.
  • At communion, respect the tape on the floor to ensure proper social distancing.  Communion is in the hand only.  Please keep your mask on as you receive, then step to the side several steps, then remove your mask enough to put the host in your mouth.  The priest will put the hosts to be consecrated to the side of the altar so he will not be speaking over them.  He will wear a mask when giving out communion and will have sanitized his hands.  He will drop the host into your hand so there is no contact.
  • The church is sanitized after each Mass by a team of volunteers.  There are sign-up sheets at the entrance to church if you would like to help. 
  • We are not using altar servers at this time, but the lector will help the priest in a basic way.
  • There are no processions.  Father will enter the sanctuary directly from the sacristy.   The bread and wine will already be in the sanctuary - no members of the congregation need to bring up the gifts during the offertory. 
  • There is no passing of the collection basket.  Please put your offering in the large basket at the entrance to the church.

If you feel that there is to much risk for you at this time, please watch our Mass online.  More detailed information from the Achdiocese of Boston concerning how Masses are to be held is available here.