Welcome Back to St. Cecilia's

St. Cecilia's welcomes all parishioners back to the celebration of the Eucharist and the renewal of our parish with our full membership.  Now that the dispensation from the Mass obligation is no longer in effect, we hope all of our parish family will rejoin us at the Weekend Masses.  We will gradually start hosting events and providing social and community-building activities.  The first two events scheduled for the coming school session are the flea market and the Vatican International Exposition of Eucharistic Miracles.  For more details, see our events page. 

Our parish is our second home and a very special community.  We want to make this reopening period a time a renewal for our parish and to provide all our members with the support and nourishment they need after coming out of the worst of the pandemic.  Check back here and watch the bulletin for more "Restarting St. Cecilia's" announcements. 

We are carefully monitoring Archdiocesan, state and local guidance on Covid-19 and will assure that St. Cecilia's provides a safe environment for Mass, religious education and parish events. 

Note that given the uptick in cases related to the Delta variant, we ask everyone to wear a mask in the Church for the time being.